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5 Cookbooks That Will Make Videogamers Stop Playing And Cook

My husband and I love playing the Fallout 76 videogame, so when my husband gave me FALLOUT: THE VAULT DWELLER’S OFFICIAL COOKBOOK, I was so excited. This cookbook is so fun! It’s great to see how the author, Victoria Rosenthal, interpreted all the recipes in the game. Like “Radgull Power Noodles,” “Mystery Meat-Wrapped Nukalark” and “Mirelurk Queen Steak.” That last one was actually quite tasty.

After this cookbook, I was hooked and started looking for more cookbooks based on videogames. After all, videogamers need to eat too and this is a great way to encourage that.

These four cookbooks look super fun and will make great gifts for videogamers, whether they like to play around in the kitchen or not:


This cookbook, authorized by Blizzard Entertainment, features dishes that any warchief across Azeroth would be happy to feast on. But also, author Chelsea Monroe-Cassel has included ideas on how to adapt the more than 100 recipes for different diets. For example, vegetarian druids will enjoy the Spiced Blossom Soup, while orcs will love the Beer-Basted Boar Ribs. Other recipes include Fel Eggs and Ham, Dragonbreath Chili, Bloodberry Tart and Greatfather’s Winter Ale. There’s also a section on alternative spices, in case a physical trip to Azeroth isn’t possible right now.

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Got a Dragonborn on your gift list that you’ve missed seeing? This cookbook should get them to unplug for a few meals. Illustrated with gorgeous photographs, the book introduces us to the tastes of each part of Tamriel, including the Nords, Redguard, Bosmer, Khajiit and Imperials. The 70-plus recipes are divided like any usual cookbook into food types, with S’jirra’s Famous Potato Bread under Baked Goods, Kwama Egg Quiche under Main Courses and Sheogorath’s Strawberry Tarts under Desserts. There are also spice recipes and drinks, so you can make an evening filled with the foods of Skyrim and Morrowind.


This cookbook based on Blizzard Entertainment’s popular game has recipes in lots of categories. There are drinks like Valkyrie’s Flight, mixing chamomile tea, honey, elderflower, brandy and lemon juice. Plus sweets—naturally—like Canadian Butter Tarts with a shortcrust base and nutty topping. Author Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, who also wrote the World of Warcraft cookbook, included more than 90 recipes that build on the videogame’s story and characters.


Safe enough for kids, but fun enough for all Minecraft fans, this cookbook has, as its tag line says, “more than 40 game-themed dinners, desserts, snacks and drinks to craft.” Each recipe has a photo, plus there are illustrations of characters from the game. The recipes are all kid-friendly and colorful, including Grass Block Brownies, Beetroot Stew, Creeper Crispies and Golden Apples.

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Do you have friends who love to cook and play videogames? These might be their perfect gifts.

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