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5 Clever Gifts for People Who Love Math

Math! You either love it or hate it. Personally, I adore math. I love finding clever ways to use it in everyday life, whether it’s measuring and cutting wood, hanging pictures, or even something as simple as doubling recipes (though I have been known to mess up on this one and only double half the ingredients). Back in the day, I used to be an engineer, and as such, I still love good math humor and clever tributes.

Maybe you’re not a math person. But I’m willing to bet that someone in your life is. When it comes time for gift giving, that math genius would love a special gift showing them that you recognize and appreciate their math prowess! I’ve search the Internet and come up with some really fun gift ideas for your special math lover. No matter the holiday or occasion, we’ve got you covered here at Wrapped In A Ribbon!


I admit it. I have this exact same Pi dish hanging in my house, in my kitchen above my cabinets. I love it. Everyone who comes into my house loves it and comments on it. Do I actually use it to bake pies? Not yet, but I could. It’s durable and oven-safe, making it awesome and functional. Buy one for yourself. Buy one as a gift. Your math lover will adore this gift!


There are tons of math coffee mugs out there with all sorts of clever sayings. It’s hard to come up with a favorite. For me it came down to two of them, and I decided on this one (since of course going off on a tangent is something I often tend to do). You can buy this coffee mug as a single or in a set of two, making it the perfect gift for math teachers, engineers, or any math lover who also enjoys and appreciates a hot beverage (my favorite being coffee, of course . . . but that is me going off on a bit of a tangent). It’s two-sided and dishwasher and microwave-safe making it a great choice!

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Want to know what time it is? Well, if you love math, then this clock will make you feel smart every time you look to it and try to figure it out. Don’t love math? Then it will make a great gift for someone who does. Each number is represented by a math equation that needs to be solved? Square root of 64? 8 of course! 6 times 2? It’s noon (or midnight). The black background of the clock and bright white lettering makes it easy reading for anyone who happens to glance at it. And it’s guaranteed to get a second look. I’m definitely of the belief that you can’t have too many clocks in your house, and this one will make a great addition.


Even if I’m wearing boots and no one will see my socks, I love clever and cute socks. Your math genius will love unwrapping these and will probably want to put them on right away. They’re durable and not too high, and if you don’t like math, they also come in a whole range of other designs, including alpacas, cats, and sharks. Buy one pair. Buy two. One can never have too many pairs of awesome socks!

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If you haven’t heard of the Sir Cumference books, then you’ve missed out on something big! These books are clever and witty, make math accessible, and are great for kids (and anyone who loves punny math references) of any age. Follow Sir Cumference and his assortment of companions (including his son Radius) as they use math to deal with the neighboring kingdom who is threatening war. Sir Cumference and the First Round Table (A Math Adventure) is the first in the series, but there are more titles, including Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi and Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland, making future gift giving that much easier.

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