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5 Charms to Bring Good Luck

Maybe you believe in luck. Maybe you don’t. I’ve gone back and forth on this issue my entire life, but one thing I’ve always had is a good luck charm. As a kid, this would often mean a real rabbit foot (OMG! Can you seriously imagine these used to be so commonly sold?) or finding a four leaf clover (I’d spend hours looking). Maybe a special trinket either found or given to me by a friend. In my collection of stuff, I still have a good number of these charms, and looking at them brings back fond memories. A buckeye picked from a tree with my uncle in Ohio. An elephant pendant that came off a necklace. A flattened penny found in a parking lot.

Believing in luck is one of those things that gives hope to the world (thanks, Pandora!), and what better gift to give your special someone than hope in the form of a good luck charm? There is nothing wrong with finding or creating a charm and gifting it, but in the event you aren’t up for that and are looking to purchase one instead, I’ve scoured the Internet for some of my favorite symbols of good luck. Good luck in finding your favorite for your special someone!



I have a friend who swears that the lucky owl brings her amazing good luck all the time, and I am now a believer. A simple little owl charm can be gifted to a special someone, letting them know you care about them and want them to have good fortune. This one is great in that it is actually a tiny little box. Wishes and hopes and dreams can be written down on a small slip of paper and place inside, then letting the lucky owl do its work of manifesting great things.

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There are many four leaf clover charms out there, but I love the simplicity of this one. Made of pewter and only an inch long, this one is perfect for carrying around in a pocket or coin purse or keeping in the car or on a desk. It’s simple and thoughtful and a great gift for nearly everyone.



The Japanese Lucky Cat always makes me smile, and this one is perfect for a key chain or just to display by a desk or workplace or place of business for your budding entrepreneur. Left hand up means that it will help bring in more business/customers. Making it even more special, it’s handmade from rosewood by Buddha Temple Monks, and has a handwritten mantra.



I love horseshoes and have three hanging in my house over doors. All are original, and one of mine is even vintage, taken from a fallen down pony barn from the early 1900s. You can leave them rusty or paint the newer ones if you prefer (don’t paint the antiques!). Gifting an authentic horseshoe to your special someone is unique and fun. I’d suggest gifting them a couple sturdy nails to hang it with, too, so they have no excuses but to put it right up. On this one, it’s about 4 inches across, and no two will be the same.

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No, they aren’t real! What kind of person do you think I am anyone? But with this set of 12 faux rabbits’ feet in assorted colors, you can share retro good luck with all your friends! Fun as party gifts or just a special token to show you care, this is a great way to get a smile and then share in the grossness that back in the day these things were actually real and dyed various colors and sold at variety stores. Retro is always in style, and this is a great choice to suggest your teen share with his or her friends.

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