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5 Books for Those Who Want to Improve Memory

We all have that one friend who can remember everything. Names. Places. Dates. Pi to the 104th digit. Whatever it is, this person remembers, and I know that I for one have often wondered how they do this! I theorize that it’s a skill or a talent that they possess. And maybe, in some cases, it is. But in other cases, these people have tricks that they use to improve their memory. They train themselves to remember. They eat right for optimum brain functioning.

On the reverse side, pretty sure we all have that one friend or family member who tends to forget. Who wants to do better but isn’t sure how to. When you’re looking for the perfect gift to buy, why not consider a book to help? There are all sorts of books out there to help with memory. Some are for straight-up reading. Some are activity books. And some address deeper issues, like how what you fuel your body with affects your mind. But where to start? Don’t worry! I’ve pulled together some of my favorite books on improving memory.



By far my favorite book on improving memory. I read this book and from the very first page, I was fascinated. There are tricks people can use to remember vast amounts of information. There are memory contests that people practice for over and over. You can remember an entire deck of cards. I can’t recommend this book enough, and I kind of think this book is perfect for just about anyone on your gift-buying list. No moonwalking required.

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It’s great to read about how to improve memory, but unless action is taken, nothing that is read will actually improve the memory. Enter activity books! I love The Fun and Easy Memory Activity Book for Adults. It’s great for short-term and long-term memory improvement, and has enough activities included that your special someone is not going to get bored. From life-event recall to Sudoku, this book has you covered.


Maybe you’re thinking that it’s too late. Your special someone has already lost bits and pieces of their memories. No way! This book is the solution you’ve been looking for. This book is a strategy to help reverse memory loss and improve memory starting today. Whether you are hoping to prevent memory loss or looking to improve a memory-loss situation, I’d highly recommend checking this book out. Best of all, the strategies learned in this book will help your special someone for the rest of their life.



In the same vein as Moonwalking with Einstein, if you are looking for strategies to help push your memory to its fullest potential, then Unlimited Memory is what you’ve been looking for. With over 200,000 copies in print, this book will walk you through habits that are hindering memory and strategies that can be used to improve memory. When you gift this book to someone, you are gifting them the ability to remember names at parties, to recall information for tests, and to improve focus in all situations.

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So much research has been done and continues to be done about how what we eat affects our minds. Brain Food is the book that takes that theory and uses it to talk about our memories. Eat the right foods and it can improve memory, prevent cognitive decline, eliminate brain fog, and lift depression. I’m a huge advocate of eating healthy to think and feel better. When you buy this book for someone, you are showing that you care.

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