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5 Bluetooth Speakers That Are Fun and Stylish

Whether your family or friends are classic jazz lovers, into rock or pop, life on podcasts or devour audiobooks, they will love getting these Bluetooth speakers for gifts. From cool levitating speakers, to waterproof ones to speakers with vintage style, listening has never been so fun. Check out our gift guide for Bluetooth speakers.

Levitating bluetooth speakers for giftsLEVITATING SPEAKER

This Bluetooth speaker just looks so cool! The floating speaker has a microphone and touch buttons, so it can even be used to make hands-free phone calls. The levitating orb sends out the audio in every direction and rotates clockwise and counter-clockwise. Making it extra special are the LED lights in 7 colors. The speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth 4.0-enabled devices. Some reviews say the sound isn’t the best even though the design is spectacular. Either way, it’s an Amazon’s Choice item. For Star Wars fans, there’s also a Death Star version.

Wireless nut speaker giftNUT SPEAKER

Who knew a speaker could be this cute? This nut-shaped speaker is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and has a built in mic for hands free calls. With 8 hours of playback, it’s perfect for portable fun. Hang it from a backpack, or in a car. Or better yet, make a Christmas tree ornament that plays your favorite carols right from the tree. The music lovers on your gift list will love it.

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Waterproof bluetooth speakers for giftsSHOWER SPEAKER

I love listening to audiobooks and with this iFox speaker, I don’t have to stop when I take a shower. The Bluetooth 5.0 speaker has a suction cup that connects it to a shower’s tile. It’s even waterproof if it’s submerged in water, so can be used by a pool or in a boat. It has a wide 33-foot connection and battery life that gives 10 hours of play. No wonder its reviews are so good.

Floating bluetooth speakers for gifts


Another waterproof speaker is this one that actually floats, so your giftee can take their music or audiobooks with them to the pool, bath or beach. The 10W subwoofer offers up loud, rich sound. For bonus fun, the speaker has 32 LED lights on the top in three colors that can be played in 5 different color modes. And the speaker itself is available in black and red, blue and yellow and green and white.

Marshall bluetooth speakers for giftsVINTAGE SPEAKER

There’s no reason why you can’t have vintage style and modern technology. Marshall has a series of wireless speakers that have that wonderful classic style and can connect with Bluetooth 5.0 at a range of 30 feet. They even have proper knobs on the top instead of just buttons that allow you to customize the sound according to the room you’re in! The speaker comes in black, brown or white and can also be connected via RCA or 3.5mm input for a truly analogue experience. If your friends and family members like to play their music or audiobooks through Alexa, Marshall also has an Alexa-enabled speaker.

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No matter what your family and friends like to listen to, they’ll love these fun Bluetooth speakers for gifts. Is there one you particularly like? Let us know in the comments.

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