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5 Adventurous Snacks for Bug Lovers

Here’s your warning! If the idea of eating bugs is going to gross you out, but you still like food, then I’d suggest reading 5 Retro Candies for Candy Lovers. But if you’re feeling a bit adventurous or shopping for that thrill seeker who is always up to try new things, then read on.

Bugs. We smoosh them. We swat them. We capture them and put them in jars. But do we eat them? Of course we do! After all, bugs are an excellent source of protein, and when prepared correctly (with plenty of seasoning), can be a tasty treat. I’m not advocating running out and searching the forest and devouring bugs raw. Instead, I’m thinking for your adventurous special someone, why not gift them some edible insects prepared in the tastiest way possible? And thus I give you some of my top suggestions for your brave consumer of foods.


Called Chapulines in Mexico, grasshoppers are a crunchy treat that has been part of the local diet for centuries. They’re a great source of protein, and can be eaten separately or mixed in with other foods. Add them to tacos, guacamole, salsa, enchiladas, or quesadillas. These particular ones are plain, but if you’re looking for something seasoned (though why would you want to disguise the taste?), do a little digging around and see what you can find. Origin: Oaxaca Valley, Mexico

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Sure to be a conversation piece, insect lollipops are always a fun gift! This pack of four comes with one each of scorpion, ants, cricket, and worm, and each is encased in a tasty fruity shell. Your lucky gift receiver will have a blast getting to the middle of this lollipop. These are a great stocking stuffer or also fun as party gifts for a young entomologist’s birthday party. Have your video camera ready. The reactions from the kids will be priceless.



Crickets are possibly the most often eaten insects (intentionally I should add) in America. They come chocolate-covered, seasoned, plain, made into chips. The possibilities with crickets are endless. In this tasty little five pack, your adventurous gift received will be able to try five different flavors: Roasted Original, Spicy Cayenne Pepper, Hickory Smoked Peppery Bacon, Cheesy Ranch, and Buffalo Wing Sauce. (I’m guessing my favorite would be Roasted Original, though I’m willing to try them all in a taste test.) And if the idea of crickets is’t enough, they are also a great source of essential amino acids, Omega-3s and 6s, B12, and more.



Cover anything with sea salt and pepper, and it’s bound to be delicious. Yes, even the larvae of the flour beetle (because, just so you know, mealworms aren’t really worms at all!). These mealworms have no hormones, no GMO and have been farmed responsibly in order to provide your gift receiver with a tasty and good-for-the-earth snack alternative. Trust me: Handfuls of mealworms are the perfect substitute for handfuls of M&Ms. Oh, but it should be noted that if your gift received has any kind of shellfish or nut allergies, insects such as these, might not be a good choice.

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If you think your special someone is ready for the next step in adventurous cooking, then Bugs for Beginners is the way to go! Why buy pre-cooked insects when you can actually cook your own? Whether this book stays on the coffee table as a conversation piece or gets used after long walks in the woods collecting insects, it’s sure to be a fun choice. Divided up into sections (Breakfast, Soup and Stew, Bread and Pasta, etc), there are over 75 recipes to try. Being a fan of breakfast (it’s my favorite meal of the day), I personally cannot wait to try Avocado Toast with Mealworms.

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