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40+ Gifts for Lovers of Spa Soaps, Muffins, Puzzles, and More

What a week we’ve had at Wrapped In A Ribbon! We celebrated holidays, puzzles, and a spa day at home with more than 40 gifts your friends and loved ones will adore. The holidays were Presidents Day, National Muffin Day, and National Margarita Day, and yep, we think Muffin Day and Margarita Day should be holidays! Check out all our posts from this week, including my favorite items from each.

West Wing Complete Series DVDGIFTS FIT FOR A LEADER

This week began with Presidents Day on Monday, and we celebrated with 8 Presidential Gifts For Lovers of Politics. We featured a lit up 3D puzzle of the Capitol Building, which looks so fun to build. Plus coins, a trivia game, books and even a presidential slogan mug. My favorite has to be the West Wing: The Complete Series DVD set. I love this show. I’ve binge-watched it more than once. The dialog is smart and really too clipped for natural language, but it’s still fun to hear. The dynamics of the characters is what I love best, though. Since this is an election year, this is an especially good time to give your politics-loving friends one of these fun gifts.


That’s right, Thursday was National Muffin Day!. Who doesn’t love a good muffin? Personally, I think even mediocre muffins are pretty good. We celebrated this delicious holiday with 6 Gifts To Celebrate National Muffin Day, including some amazingly awesome fandom items. Like the Blueberry Muffin POP figure from Strawberry Shortcake fame (I loved Strawberry Shortcake as a kid), and the Gorn Break Muffin Star Trek figure, with a nod to the original series. My favorite was this Stranger Fillings cookbook by The Muffin Brothers. Not only is it filled with muffin recipes that look yummy, it’s a parody on TV show Stranger Things. Brilliant!

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Some of my favorite books as a kid were the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series. I loved when they’d find secret messages they had to decode, and I even used to make up my own to write to friends. So I love our 5 Gifts for People Who Love Secret Codes post this week. Not only does it have great gadgets, it features a Fun With Secret Writing book that I would’ve loved when I was younger. I might have to still get it now! My favorite secret code gift, though, is this wooden puzzle box. It’s beautiful, fun to figure out, and can hideaway your most prized items.

Dalmatian Jigsaw Puzzle for lovers of hard jigsaw puzzlesSTAYING PUZZLED

While we were on the topic of puzzles, we also looked at 9 Deliciously Difficult Gifts for Lovers of Jigsaw Puzzles. These weren’t your run of the mill jigsaws. They were designed to keep you fitting together pieces for a long time, or until you’ve torn out your hair and given up. Many of these were also gloriously pretty, with gradients of rainbow colors. The puzzle I’m most tempted to try is this Dalmatians one, although it also makes me very nervous. Not only is the black and white picture difficult with all those dots, the picture is printed on the front AND back of each puzzle piece, so you have to try to fit both sides. But still, those dalmatians are so cute, they’re worth it.

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Rotorua Mud Natural Soap giftSPA TIME

Natural soaps with yummy flavors make me feel special, and I love to give them as gifts. In our 8-Plus Natural Soap Gifts For a Spa Day at Home post, we listed a bunch of delicious-looking soaps and soap gift sets. I’m excited to give all of them — and would love to get them all … just saying — but the one I’m most intrigued by is this Rotorua Mud Soap with Manuka Honey from New Zealand. Could it give the benefits of a mud bath? I’d love to find out.


And speaking of spa days, what’s a good spa day without a margarita? We celebrated National Margarita Day on Saturday with 6 Gifts for People Who Love Margaritas. There’s so much to love in this post, like the “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margarita” recipe book, the Margarita In a Bag mix, and the flavored salt packs. All of these should be bought along with this cactus margarita glass, so you can drink your margaritas in style!

What was your favorite gift this week? Let us know in the comments.

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