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4 Products Every Car Lover Would Love To Get

If you know someone who’d rather spend a Saturday washing their car than at the movies, the perfect gift for them might be cleaning products. Trust me, I know. I’m one of those people!

I’ve been through many waxes, sealants, polishes, and ceramic coatings, and I’ve spent more time and money than a normal person probably should. BUT I’m a bit crazy and love this stuff, so I don’t mind being your guinea pig.

Here are my favorite car wash products that have passed my super-picky testing. These might not be the most attractive gifts, but trust me, any car fanatic will love them.Duragloss 105


The Duragloss 105 Total Performance Polish is the best sealant that I have used out of all of them. It’s durable and lasts much longer than many other exotic and much more expensive products on the market. According to the bottle, you will get up to six months of protection, but I’ve found it to be more like three months before it really starts to degrade. But compared to one month or less from most products, Duragloss is literally the best stuff I’ve ever used. It doesn’t stain trim, so you don’t have to worry about getting that chalky residue on the black and rubber parts of the car, and it’s super easy to use. Easy on and easy off.Duragloss 601

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If you want to give your loved one even better cleaning, pair the Duragloss 105 with the Duragloss 601 Polish Bonding Agent. The 601 will ensure that the car’s paint is ready for the 105. It will basically help the 105 to “stick” to your paint longer so they can bond to allow for a longer-lasting shine and protection. Together they’re a lethal combination that will protect your paint and give your car a shine you won’t believe!

And the best part of this is the 105 is under 12 bucks! It’s an incredible value for what you get. Trust me you will NOT be disappointed. The 601 is optional, and not completely necessary, but for under 19 bucks, it’s worth it.

Duragloss 951


If your giftee wants a great shine but doesn’t want to spend as much time getting it, the Duragloss 951 is a great compliment to the above products. It’s also a very good stand-alone quick wax all by itself. I use it when I’m in a hurry.

Checmical Guys Microfiber Towels with car


Of course, you’ve got to apply the wax with a super soft towel that won’t scratch the car’s paint. And believe me, it has to be really soft. For that, I recommend Chemical Guy’s Premium Microfiber Towels. They’re a very high-quality towel and at a very good price point. You can get a pack of six for less than 20 dollars. There are cheaper towels on the market, but these are higher quality and will ensure you get shine and not scratches.

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Depending on your budget, all these products together, or the towels with one or two of the waxes will make a great gift your car enthusiast will thank you for.

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