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4 Indulgent Foods That Make Great Gifts

While I love personal gifts that friends and family and cherish for years to come, sometimes the best gift is immediate indulgence. That’s when I turn to fun, tasty food my giftee wouldn’t ordinarily get themselves. And I look for foods that are not the usual cookies, but will delight the mind as much as the taste buds. These might not be the healthiest foods, but they’ll be fun, delicious, and comforting. And who couldn’t use some comfort?

Here are some of the food indulgences I’m giving this holiday season…

Seven Sisters Scones Naughty BoxSCONES

Don’t get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with a cookie. Even bad cookies are good cookies. But for something a little different, try giving scones. I LOVE scones. They’re like little clouds of goodness, with a crusty outside and soft inside. Growing up in England, I ate plenty of scones with jam and clotted cream — Mmmmmm — but I really love all the flavors that Seven Sisters Scones makes. They’ve got the more conventional blueberry or cranberry orange, but you can also get Bacon, Cheddar and Chive, Cinnamon Coffee Cake and Fig and Goat Cheese, to name a few. My favorites are what they call their “Naughty” scones, with flavors like Eggnog, Chocolate Kahlua, Pomegranate Martini and Orange Mimosa. So Yummy! I want to eat them all. And I love that they even have gluten-free scones and sweet treats! Seven Sisters Scones makes holiday shopping easy with a Holiday “Naughty” Box as well as a bunch of other Holiday Gift Towers. RIght now, you can get $7 off with code “Holiday,” and they ship Monday to Wednesday with a two-day arrival time, so you can still get them delivered before Christmas.

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Astor Chocolates Chess SetCHOCOLATE

Chocolate has to be my favorite thing in the whole wide world… foodwise, at lease. But oh the goodness in a foil wrapping. Delightful! But not all chocolate is created equally. A Twix is great when you need a fix, but if you’re really going to indulge, you want to go for something like Astor Chocolates. This family-owned business uses Belgian chocolate to create the most delightful sweets. Like this AMAZING Chocolate Chess Set. Every time you capture a pawn, it’s delicious snack time! Or fun bars like the “My Blood Type Is Chocolate” bar or their fun Moodibar squares in Tired (Espresso Dark Chocolate), Blah (Caramel Milk Chocolate), Happy (Milk Chocolate), Flirty (Strawberry Champagne Dark Milk Chocolate) and more. They also have gorgeous handmade truffles, like their signature “Champagne Black Currant”. And for easy holiday shopping, they have gift towers and a Master Collection.

Gary Poppins Popcorn Holiday CollectionPOPCORN

As much as I love the Skinny brand of popcorn, when it comes to indulging, I want Gary Poppins Popcorn. They’re handcrafted in small batches daily for the ultimate in freshness, use whole grain and non-GMO corn, and come in so many delicious flavors—45 to be exact! Like Aged White Cheddar, Apple Cinnamon Crunch, Bacon-Y Cheddar Ranch, Caramel Chipotle… Mmmmm They’ve also got a Holiday Collection that includes White Chocolate Peppermint, Dark + White Chocolate Caramel, Caramel Pumpkin Spice and Dark Chocolate Caramel. Yum!

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Carnivore Club Jerky BouquetJERKY

For the meat lovers on your list, check out Carnivore Club. Primarily, the company is a subscription club, sending out quality jerky, cheese and more on a regular basis. But you can get one-time gifts too, like this funtastic Exotic Jerky Bouquet. The set contains five sticks each of elk, buffalo, mild venison and hot venison.  Your meat lover will love you after getting this.

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Samantha Clark

Samantha Clark dreams of finding treasure, which is perhaps why she loves digging up just the right gift for her friends and loved ones. If someone says to her, "Wherever did you find this?!" with a big smile on their face, her day is made. Samantha also writes magical and mystical novels for readers who are young and young at heart.

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