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4 Gifts for People Who Love French Press Coffee

Coffee in the morning is one of the most joyous moments of my day. I love waking up, taking the dogs out, and then brewing my coffee. Each morning for me is French Press coffee. Yes, it takes a bit longer, but there is something about the routine of it, of grinding beans and warming coffee, that helps set my mood for the day. The smell is delicious, and the taste is divine.

People either seem to love or hate coffee. I didn’t actually start drinking the stuff until I was 34 years old, but now I can’t imagine a day without it. If you have a coffee lover in your life, and your coffee lover actually happens to enjoy French Press coffee, then there are some great and unique gifts you may want to consider to help bring them even more happiness as a result of the delectable brew. I’ve scoured the Internet to come up with some of my favorite gifts for those who love French Press coffee.

Sheep French Press Cozy


One thing about the glass of a French Press coffee maker is that it is really susceptible to the world around it, which means that when it is cold in the house, the coffee will cool off much more quickly. One way to prevent this is with a French Press cozy. Maybe you’re super clever and crafty and you can knit your own, but in the event that isn’t the case (or maybe you just don’t want to), you can find lots of cute cozies out there. Flags are very popular, but my personal favorite is this sheep in a field one. The colors are calming, the design is great. Just a note that because it is handmade, there is a bit of a lead time on it (on most of the cozies I found, actually) so keep that in mind and plan accordingly.

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Sure, your coffee lover may already have an electric grinder at home, but as anyone who drinks French Press knows, the right grind is key when it comes to getting great coffee. Grind the beans too finely, and they’ll all seep through the filter and into the coffee. Grind them too little, and the flavor of the beans will not be allowed to escape. A solution to this problem is an adjustable burr mill hand grinder. One I love is the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder. It’s quiet and portable, and with no need for batteries, it can be taken places like camping or in a suitcase for travel. All that and it looks amazing, too, making it a fine accessory for any counter top coffee station.


The Doctor Who fandom and French Press coffee unite in this amazing French Press maker. When your special coffee lover unwraps this gift, they will be thrilled to discover that they can now enjoy their love of Doctor Who with coffee. It’s a generous 34 ounces and a brilliant blue that even those who don’t watch Doctor Who will love. The best part? It’s bigger on the inside, equally more coffee than ever! (Okay, this last part isn’t quite true, but I couldn’t resist).

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Maybe it’s steins that your coffee lover prefers. Beer in the evening in a nice stein and coffee in the morning. Or maybe they just love collecting steins of all sizes and shapes. If so, then they will adore this quaint stein that is actually a French Press maker inside. The colors are lovely and calming, and it clocks it at a hefty 40 ounces, making it able to be shared (unless your giftee is like me and wants to drink *all the coffee*). Regardless, they will smile every time they use this beautiful stein, and with the great name of Joe Stein behind it, the quality is top notch.

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