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4 Gadgets For a More Comfortable Home

Comfort is more than couches and cushions. Temperature, air quality and convenience go a long way toward making a building a home. So if you want to give a loved one the gift of comfort, consider one of these gadgets:


Our house in Austin can be really dry, giving me headaches and dry skin, so I love having a gauge that tells me the humidity. This ThermoPro Digital Hygrometer has a jumbo touchscreen and is backlit for easy viewing. It can be placed on a shelf or hung on a wall. The LCD display shows the humidity inside the home, as well as records maximum and minimum levels to show trends. With that, home owners can set their temperature and humidifiers to avoid problems. It’s great for people who suffer from migraines like me, as well as arthritis, colds and more.


Got smells in the home? This little unit from U.S. Jaclean revitalizes the air in a room and is cute to boot. Similar items are also available, but this one has the best reviews. The Aroma Globe is 7 inches tall and wide, so it’s small enough to sit on a desk or counter. Water goes in the bottom of the bowl, which can be lit in purple, blue, green or orange for a nice calming effect. When the unit is plugged in, it draws in stale air and sends out clean steamed air. A few drops of aroma oil in the bowl makes for a lovely scent, and in fact, three bottles are included: cherry blossom, ocean mist and jasmine. They’re all antibacterial. The sound of the water moving inside the Aroma Globe adds some built-in white noise, making it a cute gadget to help create a zen-like atmosphere in a room.

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For a bigger budget, this Levoit air purifier has great reviews and looks like it’s worth the extra bucks. The unit is about the size of a desktop computer, so it fits nicely under a table or in a corner, and it can filter air for a large room. It also includes a honeycomb active carbon HEPA filter, so it’s great for people with allergies or households with pets, smokers, or mold. The bigger price is because, not only can this unit cover a whole room, it can also be controlled through a smartphone with the corresponding app. Better still, if your loved one has Alexa, the smart air purifier can be controlled just be talking. It can be setup to a schedule so the air is getting purified right before your loved one arrives home. Now that’s comfort!

echo dot


And talking about Alexa, if you’ve got a loved one who hasn’t tried this little gadget, this might be the time. The Echo Dot is the base unit, and for such a small circle, it’s surprisingly useful. When my husband bought me one a few years ago, I didn’t think I’d use it that much. But it’s become very handy. When I’m cooking, Alexa’s playing music. When I’ve got a question, Alexa often has the answers. When I’m trying to decide what to wear, Alexa tells me the temperature outside. Add to that all the gadgets that can be controlled through Alexa, like the Levoit Smart Air Purifier, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

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