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4 Cooking Accessories That Are Functional and Fun

I love to cook and love to put onions in almost every savory dish, but I hated the way my eyes would burn. I researched and tried a bunch of different tricks to stop it, including holding a match between my teeth and wearing big glasses while I chopped! Nothing worked.

Then my husband found a gadget that saved me not only time, but tears, and I’ve loved kitchen gadgets ever since. Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve recommended and given as gifts, plus one that’s on my list to get myself one of these days.


This was the gadget that started it all for me. I’ve got an old onion chopper, but it didn’t cut well and didn’t solve my eye burn problem. But this seven-in-one kit fixed everything! The veggies chop into a base container, so as long as I chop onions last, I can keep the lid closed and all the eye-burning onion fumes locked inside until they’re ready for my pot. Easy peasy! Seriously, I’ve never looked back. But the other reason I love this set is it has six other slicing and chopping options. There are two types of spiralizers, a straight cut mandolin that I mostly use for cucumbers, a cheese grater and a julienne slicer for wonderfully thin carrots. The blades are super sharp (trust me, users should wear the included gloves) and the whole thing is easy to clean. My container cracked the first time I used it, but I contacted the company and they generously sent out a whole new set. If you know someone who loves to cook veggies, especially onions, this is the chopper to give them.

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Another gift from my husband that is fun and so useful in my kitchen is this set of reversible cutting boards. What I love is that they’re color-coded for the type of food you’re cooking, so there’s no chance of cross contamination. The green board is for veggies, yellow for chicken, red for beef or pork and white for fish. They’re super easy to clean, dry easily, and tuck out of the way nicely. They are dishwasher-friendly, but I find them a bit too big—plus I use them every day—so I tend to give them a good scrub with soap and hot water in the sink after use. I have this set, but the one pictured looks like it’s an upgrade. It’s BPA free and comes with a ceramic peeler. It swaps the white for the fish with a blue board for fish, but otherwise the colors are the same. As someone who loves color in her life, these boards also make me smile.


When I started making my own salad dressing, I had the hardest time getting olive oil into the bottle and not on my counter. So I bought this set of collapsible funnels as a gift for myself, and I love them! Again, they’ve got the fun factor because they’re colorful. But I’ve also found so many uses for them. Best of all, because they’re collapsible, I can easily store them in a drawer. One of the best gifts I’ve given myself, and a perfect stocking stuffer for a cook on your list.

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This has been on my wish list for a while. A 10-tool set that’s colorful and fun all rolled into one. The design is lovely, with different color sections shaped to fit together like a piece of fruit, plus spoons and other tools that slot into the top to create the look of leaves. I love it! On the functional side, the whole set includes a bowl, grapefruit squeezer, lemon squeezer, grater, mesh cutter, apple cutter and corer, citrus peeler, masher, avocado scoop and 5 picks. The reviews are mostly good, but some people say theirs weren’t durable. Others say theirs are strong, so it could be the luck of bad batches. But if you’ve got a loved one who likes fruit and adorable gadgets, this might be the gift for them.

What are you favorite kitchen gadgets to give?

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