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38 Gifts for Lovers of Cats, Scooby-Doo, Knitting, Star Wars & All Things Retro

What a week at Wrapped In A Ribbon! We looked back to our retro side, got in touch with our fandom, and celebrated all things cats. Here’s a roundup along with my favorites:


I love cats but am sadly terribly allergic to them. Still, cat gifts are so much fun. We profiled 6 adorable cat gifts, including cat-shaped garden stones, a cat-tail wall hanger, a cat version of Monopoly, and more. And best, all the gifts cost less than $30. My favorite is this delicate cat on moon pendant. The image is beautiful, and the piece comes in silver or two-tone with gold and even has matching earrings.


I can’t knit, but it has been on my to-do list to learn forever. Maybe one day I’ll finally do it. In the meantime, I had fun checking out 9 gifts for knitters or people who crochet, or the people like me who want to. Gifts like the knitting storage box, 96-piece needle kit, and yarn bowl are practical and helpful. Plus there’s books to help make any knitter a pro. My favorite knitter gift, though, is this t-shirt because it’s so fun, I want to wear it even if I can’t knit! (Apologies if you now have this song in your head.)

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There are so many ways to show Scooby Dooby Doo love, from mugs to POP figures, blankets, to the Mystery Machine lunchbox and more. We featured 6 of our favorite gifts for those who love Scooby-Doo. My favorite? These socks. The ears even wiggle as you walk!

Star Wars OperationFUN WITH STAR WARS

We celebrated more of our fandom with 7 classic games that have been given a Star Wars twist. Like Clue, Monopoly and even Mr. Potato Head. I love the Star Wars Clue game, where instead of solving a murder, you try to figure out Darth Vader’s next target with the Death Star. Fun! I got a real giggle out of this Star Wars version of Operation, where instead of pulling out a man’s bones and organs, you pull out porgs from Chewbacca’s hair. Just don’t make him scream.

Disco ball earringsFOR THE LOVE OF DISCO

We got retro with 5 gifts for people who want to go back to the 1970s. Your disco-loving friends will love the go go boots, strobe light, disco ball and more. I want to get these fun disco ball earrings, because who doesn’t want to take disco with you everywhere you go?

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And we delved deeper into our love of retro gifts with 5 funky keyboards that will make anyone want to spend all their time on their computer. There’s a red and pink steampunk keyboard, a cool classic wood-framed keyboard, and a set of keys that make compatible keyboards look like those old-style keys on computer terminals, back when computers were the new-fangled thing. As a writer, I have to go with this typewriter-styled keyboard. It’s like I can write on a computer and still feel like Hemingway.

Which gifts were your favorites from our posts this week?

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Samantha Clark dreams of finding treasure, which is perhaps why she loves digging up just the right gift for her friends and loved ones. If someone says to her, "Wherever did you find this?!" with a big smile on their face, her day is made. Samantha also writes magical and mystical novels for readers who are young and young at heart.

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