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30+ Gifts for Lovers of Coffee, Nutella, Star Wars & Stories

Wrapped In A Ribbon Weekly Gift Guide

After looking at fun gifts for Valentine’s Day last week, we continued that feel-good gift feeling with gift guides full of things to make us feel good. From the tasty treats we love, to finding new stories and spreading our own, and to sharing our love of stories with what we wear. Here’s a recap along with my favorites from our week’s gift guides…


I love French press coffee, but when I’m making a pot just for me, it’s sad when it gets cold. So I was thrilled to find out that there are hand-knitted French press cozies to keep my coffee warm. This farm scene cozy is now on my wish-list. We also featured a nifty coffee grinder, a Dr. Who French press that’s awesome and a stein French press, because beer drinkers shouldn’t have all the fun. Check out our 4 Gifts for People Who Love French Press Coffee.


Having a warm coffee pot is wonderful. Having something fun to brew inside it is even better. So I love our 6 Flavored Coffees For Your Daily Grind post. It’s filled with coffee flavors I can’t wait to try, like the Kahlua flavor (non-alcoholic), chocolate peanut butter cup and cherry pie. Mmmm My favorite is the Sinn-O-Bun coffee from the Bones Coffee Company. Not only is this packaging fantastic, who wouldn’t want to try coffee the flavor of iced cinnamon buns? The only thing better would be to drink it with an actual iced cinnamon bun. Hmmm, might have to make that a plan.

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Nutella Mug Cakes & More Cookbook


Nutella goes well with coffee too. Although, Nutella goes well with everything in my opinion. I love this sweet nutty goodness. And this week, we celebrated World Nutella Day (yes, that’s a thing!) with 5 Gifts for Those Who Love Nutella. The gift guide includes such fun items as a Nutella hoodie, a “Nutella Lover” spoon to show off your nutty love, and my favorite, the Nutella Mug Cakes & More cookbook. I so want to get this and try every single recipe inside. If you know someone who’s nutty for Nutella, get them one of these gifts.

STORY TIMELibby reader

We also celebrated World Read Aloud Day with the gift of stories, bestsellers and your own. Stories are some of the greatest gifts we can give. Listening to stories helps us in multiple ways, from easing stress to reducing negative thinking. So consider giving the gift of audiobooks with subscriptions from Audible or Audiobooks Now. But you can also give the gift of your stories and the stories of your family members with The Voice Library. That’s not just a gift, but a legacy.

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Star Wars Pew Pew T-ShirtSTAR WARS APPAREL

And talking of stories, we shared some fun ways to wear our own fandom, at least with one of my favorite stories: Star Wars. In our 6 Awesome Star Wars Gifts Fan Will Love to Wear, we featured droid shoes, Rebel alliance ties, fun T-shirts and more. I love the Periodic Elements of Star Wars T-shirt, but this Pew Pew shirt really cracks me up. It speaks to every kid who grew up with Star Wars and played blaster with pointed fingers and their own “pew pew” sound effects. Ahhh, good memories.

What was your favorite gift that we featured this week? Got any interests you’d like us to find gifts for next? Let us know in the comments.

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Samantha Clark dreams of finding treasure, which is perhaps why she loves digging up just the right gift for her friends and loved ones. If someone says to her, "Wherever did you find this?!" with a big smile on their face, her day is made. Samantha also writes magical and mystical novels for readers who are young and young at heart.

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