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12 Schitt’s Creek Gifts to Keep Fans Laughing

After six seasons, Schitt’s Creek is finally getting its due! This TV show, starring the hilarious Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara, has been quietly getting funnier and funnier. It was only noticed by the Emmy Awards last year with four nominations. But this year, the show got its just desserts with nine Emmy wins and another six nominations! If you don’t know the show, it follows the wealthy Johnny Rose and his family, who suddenly become broke and must leave their pampered lives to live in a rundown motel in, you got it, Schitt’s Creek. Since this TV show has been gaining quite a following, chances are you know plenty of fans. Sadly, the show is now over, but check out these Schitt’s Creek gifts that your friends and family will love.

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Schitts Creek costumes tee


The Schitt’s Creek crew have some iconic costumes. With this T-shirt, we can pretend the Roses and the Schitts are paper dolls ready to be dressed up.


Schitts Creek Moira wigs tee


As well as their iconic costumes, Schitt’s Creek fans will love celebrating Moira’s many wigs. And they can with this fantastic T-shirt. This scoop version comes in four colors, and you can also get the shirt as a V-neck, classic and other styles. All are equally hilarious.

Schitts Creek like mug


We can all learn from the wonderful characters in Schitt’s Creek, just as this mug announces: “Dress like Alexis, Love like David, Talk like Moira, Believe like Johnny, and Sass like Stevie!” A classic mug and tall mug are available, and you can get this design on a throw pillow, coasters, hoodie and lots more.

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Schitts Creek Rose Video tote


When the Rose’s were rich, they made their money in video stores. Help them get back on their feet by giving them some free advertising with this Rose Video logo tote! The 100% cotton bag is 15.25 inches by 15.75 inches. You can also get the design on a pouch, laptop sleeve, mug and more.

Schitts Creek best wishes comforter


The Schitt’s Creek characters have some of the best quotable lines, like David Rose and Stevie’s awkward banter “Best wishes, warm regards!” Designer The Goods put it in candy hearts and on this fun comforter. The double square quilted pattern is 100% polyester with a 3/4-inch polyester filling. It’s available in all sizes from twin to king. You can also get the hearts on graphic tees, leggings, stickers and 70 other products!


Schitts Creek ew David tee


RedBubble’s artists have created a number of designs based on Alexis’ famous quote, “Ew, David!” but this is my favorite. If you’re going to say, “Ew, David!” how better than in stylish leopard print! I think Alexis would approve.

Schitts Creek wrong things hoodie


David was definitive when he told Moira, “I have never heard someone say so many wrong things, one after the other, consecutively, in a row.” Nowadays, this quote could be put to many people, so this hoodie works on many levels for Schitt’s Creek fans. As well as this blue, the cotton and polyester hoodie comes in black, grey, charcoal, navy and denim. And this fantastic quote is available on 54 other items, including T-shirts, travel mugs and water bottles.

Schitts Creek Rosebud key tee


Any Schitt’s Creek fan would love to stay at least one night at the famed Rosebud Motel. With this T-shirt, they can at least get a key. The shirt comes in 16 colors in this style, but you can also get the design on a fitted scoop, V-neck, and others.

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Schitts Creek Rosebud floor pillow


Even if you can’t stay at Rosebud Motel, you can keep it close with the comfy floor pillow featuring the motel’s sign. The double-sided pillow cover, made of 100% spun polyester, is 36 inches square. It makes the perfect Schitt’s Creek gift for when fans want to binge watch the entire series.

Schitts Creek wine travel mug


When Moira Rose said, “This wine is awful. Get me another glass,” she acknowledged that sometimes you just need a glass of wine, even it’s terrible. This fun Schitt’s Creek quote design is perfect on a travel mug, especially if your giftee wants to put some wine inside. The insulated stainless steel mug holds 15 ounces and is dishwasher safe. The design is also available on T-shirts, stickers, phone covers and more.

Schitts Creek not connect face mask


David Rose’s quote fits well in our time of COVID-19, and it’s perfect for a face mask. This non-medical mask is made of two layers of 95% polyester/5% spandex and comes in four sizes.

Schitts Creek card


Pair all these fun Schitt’s Creek gifts with this fun town map greeting card. The inside is blank so you can write whatever you like. We suggest some wonderful Schitt’s Creek wisdom, like the 75 quotes collected by Reader’s Digest.

Do you have a favorite Schitt’s Creek gift? Let us know in the comments.

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