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11+ Gifts Every Cook Who Loves Stars Wars Needs

My husband and I have been re-watching Star Wars movies, kindling our love of the long-running series. As a huge Star Wars fan, one thing I can always count on is fun gifts for the fandom. We’ve written a bunch of Star Wars gift guides on Wrapped In A Ribbon, and I figured it’s time to find Star Wars cooking gifts for the cooks in your life.

Cooking and Star Wars go together like wine and cheese. Just as food can be comforting, there’s something about the Star Wars universe of stories that feels so comforting too. Maybe it’s that good always defeats evil. Maybe it’s the pew pew of the blasters. Maybe it’s the way the Rebel Alliance is filled with people and aliens and droids of all shapes and sizes and colors helping each other. Whatever it is, bringing a little Star Wars into a kitchen can make dinnertime all the more fun.

Star Wars has a HUGE following, so there’s a good chance you’ve got a Star Wars fan on your gift list. Get them these Star Wars cooking gifts for their next birthday, holiday or just for a surprise:

Chefs hat Star Wars cooking giftsSTAR WARS CHEF’S HAT

A Star Wars cook should look the part. That’s where this “May the Forks Be With You” chef’s hat comes in. The polyester/cotton blend has an adjustable velcro closure so it’ll fit a number of cooks on your gift list. It’s also machine washable for easy cleaning. The Star Wars fans in your life will look great standing by the grill with this on.

Death Star herb grinder Star Wars cooking giftsDEATH STAR HERB GRINDER

For the serious cook who’s a Star Wars fan, get them this Death Star herb grinder. The three-piece grinder is made of zinc alloy and aluminum. The top of magnetized to the bottom, so you can easily grind and crush spices and herbs without the grinder coming apart. It also comes with a bonus scraper.

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Death Star cutting board Star Wars cooking gifts


You could pair the Death Star herb grinder with this Death Star cutting board. It’s made of toughened glass and is both odor and stain resistant. It’s heat resistant up to 350 degrees F and measures 12 inches in diameter. Non-slip feet keep it in place while your giftee is cutting their vegetables.

Darth Vader cutting boardDARTH VADER CUTTING BOARD

Much like the Darth Vader St. Patrick’s T-shirt we featured in this gift guide, this cutting board twists one of Vader’s most famous lines into some great laughs. And frankly, I couldn’t agree more with his statement! haha The cutting board is made of bamboo and measures 12.75 inches by 9.25 inches. You can also get a Yoda version with the image of Yoda etched into the bamboo and the word’s “Yoda Best Cook Ever”.

R2-D2 measuring setR2-D2 MEASURING SET

This is perhaps the cutest measuring set I’ve ever seen! R2-D2 comes apart to give you all the measurements you need. The droid’s body is four measuring cups for a 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup and 1 cup. The arms are nested measuring spoons of 1/4, 1/2 and 1 teaspoon and 1/3 tablespoon. R2’s dome is a 1/2 cup and 1 tablespoon. The cups and spoons are made of BPA-free food-grade plastic, but they’re not microwave or dishwasher safe. All put together, R2-D2 stands 6.5 inches tall and will look so cute on a kitchen counter.

Wooden spoons Star Wars cooking giftsSTAR WARS WOODEN SPOONS

These utensils are practical enough to be used for cooking and fun enough to be used for decoration. The set has five utensils made from bamboo. They’re not recommended for the dishwasher, but your giftee would want to handle these with care.

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R2-D2 and R2-Q5 salt and pepper shakers Star Wars cooking giftsDROID SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS

Spice up a meal by shaking salt from R2-D2 and or pepper from R2-Q5. Each droid shaker is 3.5 inches tall and has a removable bung in its base for easy refilling.

BB-8 salt and pepper shakerBB-8 SALT AND PEPPER SHAKER

Everyone’s favorite new droid, BB-8, makes an even cuter salt and pepper shaker. The droid’s body is filled with salt and its head is the pepper. Shaking these spices has never been more fun than with these Star Wars cooking gifts.


Darth Vader apronDARTH VADER APRON

To add to the “May the Forks Be With You” chef hat, your giftee can look the part with this Dark Vader apron. Or…

Darth baker apronDARTH BAKER APRON

…this apron for the Darth Vader baker. There’s even a “May the Forks Be With You” apron, so you can get your giftee the complete set.

Star Wars Galaxy Edge Cookbook


Of course, if a chef is going to look the part and have the equipment to match, they need to be able to cook for Star Wars too. The official Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Cookbook has recipes inspired by the themed land at Disney World. The cookbook is hosted by space gourmet Strono “Cookie” Tuggs, who takes you through the foods of the swamps of Degobah, the forests of Endor and beyond. Your Star Wars giftee will be able to cook 70 recipes, including Nerf Kebabs, Mustafarian Lava Buns, Huttese Slime Pods, and more.

Get your foodie friends and family some fun Star Wars cooking gifts to spice up their future meals.

Which of these gifts would you put on your wish list? Let us know in the comments.

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