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11+ Fun Gifts for Music Lovers

I love listening to music, especially pretty much anything by U2. My husband and I used to make playlists for each other, which was a wonderfully fun and personal gift. But what about gifts for music lovers who are truly passionate about tunes? I wanted to find some unique gifts that can help them show off their obsession as well as feed their creativity.

Check out these 11+ gifts for the people in your life who can’t stop tapping their toes.

Music Pulse T-Shirt gift for music lovers


For musicians, music is in their blood. This fun music pulse shirt shows just that. Sold through Red Bubble, the shirt comes in 17 colors, all sizes, and lots of designs. Get the music pulse on a long-sleeve shirt, baseball shirt, V-neck and more.

Music Journal gift for music loversMUSIC JOURNAL

If your music lover wants to create their own, get them this gorgeous music journal. It makes a great gift for music lovers. The cover is so pretty, but it’s the inside that’s really useful. The pages on the right have lines for music composition, while the pages on the left have notebook lines for notes. Every time they get a melody in their head, they can jot it down. They’ll never lose inspiration again.

Beethoven Quote Pen gift for music lovers


The music journal will pair wonderfully with this fantastic pen. The ballpoint is refillable and comes in black ink. But the best part is that it’s engraved with Beethoven’s signature and quote, “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” An inspirational gift for music lovers who want to create their own.


1000 Record Covers book gift for music lovers1000 RECORD COVERS BOOK

I so miss record covers. The first time I brought a record home, I marveled at the artwork and read every word inside and out. There were some beautiful record covers back in the LP days. Sure, they’re still made, but seeing them as thumbnails on a computer isn’t quite the same. This photography book, 1000 Record Covers, chronicles classic LPs from the personal collection of the author. Micheal Ochs is a DJ, music archivist, journalist and former record-publicity executive, and his collection of records is vast. Help the music lovers in your life go back in time with this book.

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Volume Upto 11 T-Shirt


This one goes to 11, mate! Any fan of This Is Spinal Tap will get a good laugh out of this T-shirt. If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend it. Directed by Rob Reiner, the mockumentary stars Christopher Guest and Michael McKean as part of the band Spinal Tap during a fateful tour. The movie is silly and hilarious, and one for music lovers. In one scene, Christopher Guest’s character, Nigel Tufnel, tells Rob Reiner how he can play louder because his amp goes “to 11.” Watch the scene on YouTube. And if you really want to treat your loved one to a great music-loving gift, get them this T-shirt and This Is Spinal Tap on DVD or the “Up To 11 Edition” Blu-ray.

Magnetic Poetry Kit Gift for Music LoversMAGNETIC POETRY KIT

I love fridge words. I have typewriter key magnets on my fridge, and my husband and I have fun leaving messages for each other. This kit is for poetry but designed specifically for music lovers. Each magnet has a word, and there are more than 200 magnets in the kit. Match them together on your fridge to make your own poetry or, in this case, song. Plus the kit can be combined with all the other Magnetic Poetry kits for even more word choices.

Musical Notes Scarf gift for music loversMUSICAL NOTE SCARF

I love scarves. They look nice and make me feel special. And you can never have too many. Scarves can also show off your own personal obsessions, like this scarf decorated with musical notes. The scarf has great reviews, which say it’s super soft. It comes in multiple colors and even with cats dancing on the bars. So fun.

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Musical Note Pendant gift for music loversMUSICAL NOTE HEART PENDANT

This musical heart pendant shows that music is the best expression of love. The sterling silver pendant measures 1.5 inches from top to bottom, so it’ll really get noticed. It comes with a chain that’s 18 inches.

Treble Clef Cuff Links gift for music loversTREBLE CLEF CUFF LINKS AND TIE PIN

This treble clef cuff links and tie pin set is so cute. They’re handmade and come in gold or silver. Reviewers love them, saying they’re good for band or just for fun.

Silver Musical Note Ring


This beautiful ring screams I Love Music. But it’s also delicate, intricate and subtle in design. Sold through Etsy by Molecular Motifs, the ring is sterling silver and available in a number of sizes. It’s handmade and even has a hammered textured. The ring also comes in this super cute red ribbon box, making it a great gift for music lovers.

This Is Your Brain On Music bookTHIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON MUSIC

Music lovers know that life without music is no life at all. Daniel J. Levitin explores this in his book This Is Your Brain On Music. An Amazon bestseller, the book shows the connections between music and the brain, why we’re emotionally attached to songs we heard as a teenager, and how tunes get stuck in our head. The author should know. He used to be a rocker then studied to be a neuroscientist. Give your music-loving friends more insight into their obsession with this book.

BONUS: In our 7 Games for Great Family Time Gifts post, we feature Spontuneous, the family game in which singing and talent don’t have to go together. This is the gift for everyone you know who likes to sing loudly in the shower and the car. Rock and roll!

Do you know anyone who loves music? What are you favorite gifts for music lovers? Let us know in the comments.

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