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10 Gifts for People Who Love Fried Chicken

Monday is National Fried Chicken Day, which seems like a great excuse to eat fried chicken for dinner. It’s also a fun reminder of all the people in our lives who can’t get enough of this tasty dish and why we should celebrate them. According to a survey in National Today, 50% of Americans love fried chicken and 16% love it so much they’d marry it! That’s a lot of love for the crispy goodness. And we’ve compiled a gift guide that has everything from the practical to the fun must-have items for true fans. So if you’ve got a friend or loved one who can’t get enough or KFC, Popeyes or even their own, these fried chicken gifts are for you!

fried chicken is life tshirtBUCKET T-SHIRT

All true fried chicken fans need to have this T-shirt in their closet. Fried chicken is life… yes, it is! The shirt comes in black, white, cranberry, red or yellow in a variety of sizes, so it’ll fit the clothing tastes of all the chicken lovers you know.

fried chicken cookbook


If the fried chicken lovers in your life want to become masters of cooking their favorite dish, get them the cookbook Fried & True. Author Lee Brian Schrager and Adeena Sussman scoured the best places to eat fried chicken in America, from four-star restaurants to diners to food trucks, and compiled their secret recipes into this book. There are classic recipes for fried chicken and sides, plus more adventurous ones, like Keralan Fried Chicken, Lowcountry Cardamom Waffles and Spicy Maple Syrup, from Asha Gomez, co-founder of Atlanta’s Cardamom Hill. The book even has techniques, like how to brine the bird and give it a buttermilk bath. Whoopi Goldberg wrote the foreward, so you know you’ll be getting some laughs in too.

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frydaddy fried chicken giftsFRY DADDY

True fried chicken should be deep fried (although I do like baked too) and this FryDaddy makes easy work out of it. The electric deep fryer apparently saves on oil, has a snap-on lid for cleaner cooking and doesn’t use a messy basket.

chicken crack


I’ve always loved giving the cooks in my life fun rubs and spice sets to try. For fried chicken lovers, this Chicken Crack looks like it’s the way to go. Afterall, the bag says it’s “highly addictive” and will make “the best fried chicken you will ever eat!” Mmm


fried chicken tie giftsDRUMSTICK TIE

There’s no reason your fried chicken-loving friends can’t be silly while they’re being professional. This fried chicken tie does the trick beautifully. The tie measures 57.9 inches long and 2.36 inches wide. Its design is deceptively funny, because at first glance, it might seem like the tie is straight and boring, but oh no, those are drumsticks floating on the fabric. The tie is even made from high-grade microfiber to make it look silky.

chicken and waffles socksCHICKEN & WAFFLES SOCKS

For some people, chicken and waffles go together like peanut butter and jelly. Those people can celebrate their favorite tastes with these fun socks. They’re made of 85% cotton, 10% polyester and 5% spandex, with a reinforced heel and toe for comfort. Fun!

Drumstick pillowDRUMSTICK PILLOW

If your fried chicken-loving friends have ever wanted to cuddle their favorite food, this drumstick pillow is for them! Isn’t it hilarious? And it’s washable too … in case they want to eat fried chicken while they’re hugging it and drip some oil. If you think they’d like a more realistic grilled look, you can get that too.

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fried chicken ornamentFRIED CHICKEN ORNAMENT

Christmas trees are where we celebrate all our most treasured things, like the ribbon ball we made for Grandma as a kid, hanging photos of all our family, and, of course, a partially eaten fried chicken drumstick. Yep, help your friends and family truly show off their love of the bird with this fun ornament. When they unwrap it, they’ll want to put it straight on the tree.

chocolate mold fried chicken gifts


And if fried chicken drumsticks aren’t enough, with this mold, your family and friends can make candy, chocolate, soap or more in the shape of their favorite bird. Or, you can get the mold for yourself and make fun gifts for everyone in your life. The mold makes 5 drumstick-shaped goodies that are around 6-inches long, 2 inches wide and 1-inch deep. They’ll make fun fried chicken gifts.

fried chicken t-shirt giftsFRIED SHIRT

This T-shirt kinda says it all, and I love it! You can buy the shirt in yellow, slate, white, baby blue, red, silver, grass, heather grey, and pink, in a bunch of sizes.

fried chicken champagne cookbook


For the more fancy fried chicken connoisseur, give them the Fried Chicken & Champagne cookbook. Written by award-winning chef Lisa Dupar, the book is part cookbook, part romp through her funny life and history with fried chicken. This cookbook won awards and is sure to win over your family and friends.

Who are the fried chicken fans in your life? Do you have other gifts you like to get them? Let us know in the comments.

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