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10-Plus Guinness Gifts Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day

I’ve never been much of a Guinness drinker, but I’ve always wanted to be. There’s something so warm and comforting about the dark pint with the creamy white froth on top. Since it was first brewed in 1752, this ale has garnered diehard fans, so much so that there are now lots of Guinness gifts available.

Guinness is named after its inventor, Arthur Guinness, who set up his brewery in Ireland’s County Kildare thanks to a 100-pound inheritance from his godfather. The ale quickly gained popularity, with bartenders even using it as the base for other recipes. This began in 1861 when, after England’s Prince Albert died, a London bartender thought champagne was too cheerful and needed to reflect the country’s dark mood. He added Guinness to champagne and the Black Velvet was born. You can read more of the Guinness history on its website. It’s really interesting.

The Black Velvet isn’t the only recipe that has been inspired from Guinness. One of my favorite recipe magazines, Bon Appetit, has 3 Recipes for Guinness Floats, which all look delicious. calls Guinness “the ingredient that upgrades literally everything” and published a list of 18 Game-Changing Guinness Recipes.


Check out our Guinness gift guide…

Pouring Spoon for Guinness GiftsGUINNESS POUR SPOON

Guinness fans know, you’ve got to pour it right. That’s where this pour spoon comes in. The crook in the handle lets the spoon sit comfortably on the edge of the glass. Then you can pour your Guinness over the back of the spoon to make the perfect Black Velvet, Half and Half (Guinness and lager), or Black and Tan (Guinness and pale ale). The Guinness harp is on the spoon’s handle, but you can also get one with just GUINNNESS on the handle or Guinness and the Toucan.

Embossed Pint Glasses Guinness giftsTRADITIONAL GUINNESS PINT GLASSES

You need something to drink your Guinness in, and with these pint glasses, you can feel like you’re drinking in an Irish pub at home.  The 20-ounce glasses have the Guinness logo on one side and are embossed with the Guinness harp on the other. This two-pack offers official Guinness glasses, so you know the quality is good but reviews back it up. Guinness recommends you hand wash these glasses, but they’re worth it. They make great Guinness gifts.

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Guinness Green Pint Glasses for giftsGUINNESS GREEN PINT GLASSES

Couple the pint glasses above with this set of two sporting the Guinness green logo. These 20-ounce glasses are also official merchandise and have great reviews. Hand washing is also recommended for this pair.

Luxury Toffee Guinness giftsGUINNESS LUXURY COFFEE

I love toffee, and the idea of toffee laced with the smoothness of Guinness has me curious. These luxury toffees, which are actually alcohol free, have great reviews for their flavor. They’re apparently creamy, delicious, and perfect gifts for Guinness lovers.


One thing I really miss from living in England is the wonderful flavors of crisps (or potato chips in American 😉 ). So check out these Guinness-flavored ones. The thick-cut chips are seasoned with roasted barley and hops to give them Guinness’ iconic flavor. They come in a 3-pack.

Steak Saunce Guinness giftsGUINNESS STEAK SAUCE

I’ve tried a number of flavored sauces, and this one is now on my list. Reviewers love the Guinness steak sauce, saying it’s got a deep flavor and works anywhere that you’d use BBQ sauce.

Toucan Mug for Guinness giftsGUINNESS TOUCAN MUG

The beer-toting toucan has been a feature of Guinness advertising since 1935. According to the USA Today, the idea for the toucan came from a trip to the circus. Artist John Gilroy, who’d been hired to illustrate a Guinness ad, saw a sea lion balancing a ball on its nose and thought it would be fun for a sea lion to have a pint of Guinness on its nose. The sea lion was in the first Guinness animal ad, then bears, kangaroos, ostriches and more. But it’s the toucan that captured Guinness drinkers’ love. Hand washing is recommended for the red ceramic mug, because you wouldn’t want the toucan to lose its beer. Also check out this fantastic black toucan Guinness mug and this wonderful black and tan Guinness label mug.

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Magnet Bottle Opener Guinness giftsGUINNESS MAGNET BOTTLE OPENER

When you’re drinking Guinness, it probably tastes better opened with a Guinness bottle opener. Well, maybe not, but this opener is still super fun. It’s got a magnet to keep it handy on the fridge or side of a BBQ. Reviews say it’s high quality and sturdy, so put it on your gift list for the Guinness fans in your life.

Turtle and Pint Tee for Guinness gifts


Another much-loved animal-with-a-pint Guinness figure is this turtle, and it makes a great T-shirt. The tee is available in all sizes, for all genders, and in 17 colors, although we like black the best. You can also get the shirt in lots of styles, including long-sleeved, baseball and more.

Shower Curtain for Guinness gifts


True Guinness fans will love to decorate with their favorite beer. This classic Guinness For Strength ad was illustrated by the same artist behind the toucan, and it makes a fun shower curtain. The design is also available with a black background on a cushion cover, floor pillow cover, coasters, throw blanket and duvet cover. Together they make an ordinary house a dream home for any Guinness fan.

You can even buy more Guinness apparel, bar mats and wall art in the Guinness Official Merchandise store on Amazon.

Who loves Guinness in your circle of family and friends? What kind of Guinness gifts will you give them? Let us know in the comments.

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