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10+ Peter Rabbit Gifts For Beatrix Potter Fans

Beatrix Potter’s books were some of my favorites growing up, and I especially loved Peter Rabbit. The mischievous bunny is still entertaining kids, but even now as an adult, I smile every time I see those lovely illustrations. Maybe it’s the nostalgia, maybe it’s the sweetness, whatever the reason, Peter Rabbit has fans of all ages. We were due to get a new Peter Rabbit movie soon, Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway, but due to COVID-19, the release has been postponed until August. Even if the disease is keeping the new movie away, we can still revel in all the mischievous goodness with some fun Peter Rabbit gifts.

Of course, there are the Peter Rabbit books, in lots of editions, plus all the other books by Beatrix Potter. And you can find plenty of plush versions of Peter Rabbit and lots of figurines.

But for this gift guide, I’m focusing on more unusual Peter Rabbit gifts.

Peter Rabbit gifts scarfPETER RABBIT SCARF

Isn’t this scarf gorgeous? The light blue scarf has a pattern of leaves throughout plus Peter Rabbit illustrations on one end. The illustrations are straight from Beatrix Potter’s series. The scarf is lightweight polyester, and people who’ve bought it, love it.


Since Peter Rabbit is decidedly British, it seems very appropriate to have him adorn English tea tins. This adorable set features British Afternoon Tea, Earl Grey, and English Breakfast Tea, reportedly blended using tea from Sri Lanka. While I’m sure the tea is delicious, these tins are the stars. Once you’ve finished the tea, you can use them to store whatever you’d like. They’d also make great tins for hand-made gifts.

Danish cookie tin with Peter RabbitPETER RABBIT DANISH COOKIE TIN

Here’s another gorgeous tin featuring our star bunny. This blue “Run Along Home” design is actually just one of four that are available. The others are: a baby Peter cuddles with his mother surrounded by the words “Y Is for You, Always and Forever” with a gold ring; an older Peter hugs his mother with the words “I Is For I Love You” with a purple ring; and sweet Peter peers out of a circle of flora with the words “Smiling Sweetly” with a pink ring. Bonus, each 5.2-ounce tin is filled with Danish butter cookies!

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Peter Rabbit gifts quote sign


It’s easy to feel small in our big world, but Peter Rabbit’s wonderful quote reminds us that, “Even the smallest one can change the world.” This farmhouse sign shows off the quote simply and beautifully, just like Peter Rabbit would. The wall plaque measures 11.8 inches by 7.87 inches and framed with rustic wood.

Beatrix Potter Coloring Book


I’ve always loved adult coloring books. So relaxing, and we could all relax more often. This one is just beautiful. Simple line versions of Beatrix Potter’s illustrations with her most famous characters, including Peter Rabbit, of course. If you think the books bring about smiles, try giving this enchanting coloring book.

Peter Rabbit gifts compact mirrorPETER RABBIT COMPACT

As beautiful as it is functional, this compact mirror features a sweet Beatrix Potter illustration of Peter Rabbit on the cover. Inside, there’s a regular mirror and a magnifying mirror. It’s a fun idea for Peter Rabbit gifts.

Peter Rabbit gifts notepadsPETER RABBIT NOTEPADS

I’m a sucker for fun notepads. Peter Rabbit fans will love this set. Secured inside a hardcover journal, the set includes three notepads, plus sticky tabs. All have different Peter Rabbit designs. They’re just lovely.

Beatrix Potter prints


Beatrix Potter’s illustrations are definitely works of art, and with these prints, you can treat them as such. Each print in this set of four measures 8 inches by 10 inches. They’re unframed, but at that size, you don’t have to pay for fancy framing—unless you want to.

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Peter Rabbit gifts tapestry


Check out this beautiful tapestry of a classic Beatrix Potter scene. Measuring 46 inches wide and 36 inches tall, the tapestry features lots of Beatrix Potter’s characters, including, of course, Peter Rabbit. The tapestry is cotton and polyester and has a finished pocket on the back for a 2-inch hanging rod.

Miss Potter movie


I think one of the reasons Beatrix Potter’s stories and illustrations are so endearing is because of how lovely the woman was. Beatrix Potter created this books at a time when women were supposed to get married off to a rich man if they were to have any money at all. But Beatrix was more interested in art than marriage and worked on her stories and illustrations despite her parents’ objections. She did end up finding love, only to have it taken away when her fiance died a few weeks after proposing. When she did marry, she was already a successful author and illustrator. Beatrix Potter always worked hard to help farmers and preserve farmland, leaving much of her estate to England’s National Trust. In the movie Miss Potter, Renee Zellweger plays Beatrix Potter beautifully. And her story is told in the picture book Saving the Countryside: The Story of Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit.

Know someone who loves Beatrix Potter books and art? Which of these Peter Rabbit gifts will you get them? Let us know in the comments.

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