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10+ Gifts Perfect For Book Lovers

Last weekend, we celebrated National Book Lovers Day, but for readers, let’s face it, every day is Book Lovers Day! Readers are happiest when they’re deep in a story, and they love to extend their obsession in their clothes, gadgets and more. As a book lover myself, I had a blast adding all the items in this gift guide to my wish list. For all the readers in your life, check out these 10+ book gifts.

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million books t-shirt


This is so true! Every Tuesday, when new books are released into the world, my to-read list expands more and more. Every reader is the same, so help them show off their love for stories with this tee. It’s available in black or navy in a variety of sizes and styles.

one more chapter t-shirt


This T-shirt perfectly encapsulates the cause of my insomnia. Not only is funny, this T-shirt also has a super fun design that’s as magical as a book. It’s available in more than 16 colors, although I love this purple, as well as a bunch of different styles, including long-sleeve.


bedtime reading pillow book gifts


Yep, bedtime isn’t really sleeptime for readers. When I’m reading, I love to have a good cushion to lean on (or cuddle in the scary scenes), and cushions like this make great book gifts. It’s available in three sizes: 16-inch square, 18-inch square and 20-inch square, and you can buy it with or without the comfy insert.

antisocial reading tshirt book gifts


When readers have their nose in a book, it might seem anti-social to others, but to them, they’re surrounded by people within the story. That’s what makes this T-shirt so perfect for book lovers. It’s available in all sizes as well as in a few different styles of shirt.

thumb page holder book giftsPAGE HOLDER

Readers know that holding a book open can be taxing on fingers. This ingenious little gadget fixes that problem. Simply slide your thumb into the hole so it comes up to the first knuckle, then hold the book open so the point in the middle of the gadget is in the gutter. The wings on either side keep the pages open so you can read more easily. It comes in different sizes so it will work for any person, including kids. This page holder is made of soft walnut. It also makes a great gift for book clubs, and there’s a set of 12 made of plastic available here.

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clip light book giftsCLIP LIGHT

Book lights make great gifts for readers, and this LED reading light has fantastic reviews. No wonder it’s an Amazon Choice item. This clip-on light has a flexible neck so it can be positioned best for the reader and can even be collapsed for easy portability. I also love that it’s narrow enough to not disturb my husband while I’m reading in bed. The light runs for 25 hours on two batteries. It’s too bad it’s not rechargeable, but readers can keep batteries handy.

neck light book gifts


This neck light is another option for readers that has great reviews. It’s also an Amazon Choice item and can be used for lots of activities, including reading. One of the things I love about this neck light is that you can change the width of the beam to three different levels, from a wider floodlight to a thinner spotlight if you’re trying not to disturb other people in the room. It’s also flexible, so it’s ergonomic, plus it can be folded up tightly for easy storage and portability. But the best part is it’s rechargable! The light comes with a micro-USB cable that you can plug into a laptop to charge up. Each charge gives between 7 and 40 hours of light, depending on the brightness. And the LED lights are free of blue light, making them easier on the eyes. This light keeps getting better and better. It makes a great book gift.

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treat yo shelves pouch book gifts


Do the book lovers in your life like to highlight their favorite passages and keep pens with their book light handy for when they can read? Pouches are a great way to keep everything they need together, and this pouch, with its “Treat Yo Shelves” design, is perfect for readers. It comes in three sizes: 6 inches by 4 inches, 9.5 inches by 6 inches and 12.5 inches by 8.5 inches.

Kindle Paperwhite book giftsKINDLE PAPERWHITE

Of course, one of the best book gifts for readers is a Kindle Paperwhite. It’s the thinnest, lightest Kindle yet and has a 300 ppi glare-free display that allows you to read just like you’re reading paper, even in bright sunlight. Brilliant! For readers for who travel, it’s wonderful to be able to carry all your favorite books with you on a Kindle with a fraction of the weight. This version is even waterproof, so it can be used by the pool, at the beach or in the bath, and it has speakers so can play audiobooks too. Best yet, readers can get their Kindle Paperwhite in one of their favorite colors: black, plum, sage or twilight blue.

Personal Library Kit book giftsPERSONAL LIBRARY KIT

When I was a kid, I loved to make up stickers that exclaimed my books were MINE! The book lover in me loves this personal library kit. It’s much better than the stickers I used to create on my own. The kit includes 20 self-adhesive pockets and checkout cards, a date stamp and inkpad and pencil. It’s perfect for anyone who’s ever lent out a book and not gotten it back — every reader ever! The Personal Library Kit is super cute and book lovers will, well, love it.

Are you a reader? What’s your favorite book lover gift to give? Let us know in the comments.

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