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10 Gifts for Music Lovers Who Cook

Music lovers can be fun to get gifts for. There are so many great music-themed gifts! I wanted to specifically find music themed kitchen utensils for gifts and love the items in this gift guide. I’m not a musician, but I want the drumsticks. They’ll make stirring so much more fun! I love the teaspoons too. Fantastic! Check out our 10 gift ideas for musicians or music lovers who also love to cook.

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Drumstick spoons music themed kitchen utensils for giftsDRUMSTICK SPOONS

How cute are these? Wooden spoons are perfect for a kitchen set of drumsticks. The set includes one solid spoon and one slotted, with the hole in the shape of a musical note. The ends of the handles are for drumming on the edges of pots, pans, and the counter when you’re not stirring. Just make sure the spoons are cleaned off first, or the kitchen and you could get quite dirty. The drummers in your life will get a kick of out of these drumstick spoons.

Fender cutting board music themed kitchen utensils for giftsFENDER CUTTING BOARD

I love creative cutting boards. They’ve fun, beautiful and making chopping vegetables much more entertaining. Guitar players will probably cook a lot more if they can use this Fender cutting board. They could even have fun arranging the vegetables into strings. Strips of carrots will do nicely.

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Cookie cutters music themed kitchen utensils for giftsNOTES COOKIE CUTTERS

Perfect for bakers who love music, this cookie cutter set will help them make cookies shaped as a G clef, an 8th note, a double 8th note, a quarter note, a piano, a violin and a guitar. The cookie cutters in this 7-piece set are made of stainless steel and have a 0.33 mm thickness for durability. They’re great for cookies, fondant, sandwiches, cheese, fruit, pancakes, soap and more.

Notes measuring spoons music themed kitchen utensils for giftsTREBLE CLEF MEASURING SPOON SET

I love creative measuring spoons and have featured a number on Wrapped In A Ribbon. These measuring spoons decorated with the treble clef and musical notes are perfect gifts for the musicians in your life. The set of 4 includes a tablespoon, teaspoon, half teaspoon and quarter teaspoon, all made of zinc alloy.

music spoons kitchen utensils for gifts


I have an aunt who collects creative teaspoons, like the ones you can get to represent different countries. Personally, I love this set. The set of 6 spoons comes with 3 topped with a treble clef and 3 designed like a guitar. They’re polished stainless steel, so dishwasher safe for easy clean-up. The perfect music-themed kitchen utensils for gifts. You can also get the clef spoons in a set of 6 in silver or multi-colored, and the guitar spoons in a set of 6 in silver, rose gold, blue, gold or multi-colored.


Sharp mug for music themed kitchen giftsSHARP MUG

Music lovers will love this fun mug that claims back the sharp symbol from Twitter. The ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and comes in 11-ounce and 15-ounce sizes.

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Music themed wine glass charms for kitchen giftsMUSIC-THEMED WINE GLASS CHARMS

Wine charms are a fun way to make sure no one’s drinking your wine, and this 16-piece set is great for music lovers. Each individual charm is music themed, like a mic, a guitar, a sax, a double note, earphones, a cassette tape, a drum set, and more. The set comes with rings to keep the charms on the wine glass, as well as a the clasp to keep them all together for easy storage.

Clef straws music themed kitchen utensils for giftsCLEF STRAWS

Fun straws don’t have to be just for kids! Musicians will get a kick out these clef straws. The set has 12 and will look great in cocktails.

Notes apron for music themed kitchen giftsNOTES APRON

Of course, will all the cooking your giftees will want to be doing with their new music themed kitchen utensils, they’ll need an apron to keep themselves clean. This musical notes apron keeps  them in the theme. The apron is 31 inches long and 26 inches wide and made of waterproof polyester. The neck is adjustable, so it’ll fit any music lover on your list. And, best yet, it’s machine washable.

Do you have music lovers in your life? What are your favorite gifts to get them? Let us know in the comments.

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