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10 Gift Watches To Flaunt Your Fandom

I stopped wearing a watch years ago, but my mother gave me a new one last year and it reminded me how great they can be. They’re even more fun when combined with your favorite fandom. There are lots of choices when buying a gift watch for a superhero fan, but many don’t have the best reviews. So I’ve compiled a gift guide of my favorite designs with good reviews.

I’ve focused on some of my favorite superheroes for this gift list. Plus there are watches for every budget, from around $30 to $300. But the cost wasn’t the primary factor. Some of the coolest watches I found are the least expensive. It’s all about the style.

Check out our list of watches for superhero fans.

SpiderMan gift watchSPIDER-MAN WATCH

Spidey fans will love this gorgeous watch. The round face is a great contrast to the lines of the spider, and the web detail on the base is great. Plus the red spider really pops against the gold base and black band. The analog Quartz watch also comes with a black spider, but my favorite is the red.

Superman Gift WatchSUPERMAN WATCH

I have to admit, I’m not a fan of a lot of the Superman watches, but this one is really smart looking. It’s a Man of Steel “Hope” Red Watch, and only 500 were made. Superman’s logo is understated, much like Clark Kent always allowing others to take the praise. But this watch also has Superman’s strength. The red looks gorgeous against the silver case and band. It’s a really stylish watch.

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Wonder Woman Gift WatchWONDER WOMAN WATCH

What I love about this Invicta watch is that it looks as strong as Wonder Woman. The face has the Wonder Woman logo in gold, surrounded by her red and blue. And the red, blue and gold is continued with the band and outside of the face. The stainless steel analog watch also has Wonder Woman’s logo on the back side. It’s a great gift watch for Wonder Woman fans.

Invicta Iron Man WatchIRON MAN WATCH

This watch looks like it could be part of Iron Man’s suit. I’ll be honest; it would be amazing if it were. With or without the superhero suit, the watch from Invicta is still awesome. I love the dials for seconds and a 24-hour day embedded in the face, plus Iron Man’s helmet. And the red and gold really pop. Very stylish.

Captain American Gift WatchCAPTAIN AMERICA WATCH

Sometimes the simplest designs are the most effective, and that’s what I love about this Captain America watch from Quartz. The face is his shield, and it’s framed in silver with a black leather band. Love it.

Hulk Citizen WatchHULK WATCH

This is another watch where simple equals awesome. Hulk’s green fist smashes through the face, celebrating everything Hulk is all about. Plus the green is continued in the 12, 3 and 6. It’s set off with a black leather band. No wonder it has such great reviews.

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Thor’s hammer is front and center on the face of this watch, and I love that the strength of the hammer is contrasted with the delicate gold hands. Lovely. The gold is continued on the case. The band is black leather. There’s also a Quartz version with a metal band, but the reviews are slightly better with the gold and leather one.

Captain Marvel watchCAPTAIN MARVEL WATCH

Another watch that’s as strong looking as its awesome super hero is this Captain Marvel watch. The black leather band puts all the attention on the face. But the case has some extra heft to give the watch more personality. Love it.

Guardians of the Galaxy Gift WatchGUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY WATCH

Anything with Baby Groot is adorable, and this watch is too. Baby Groot is on the watch face, but the tree feel is extended onto the bark-looking case and brown embossed band. Plus the hands and inside surround are green. Perfectly fun.

Batman 75 Years Watch75 YEARS OF BATMAN WATCH

No fandom watch gift guide can be complete without a Batman watch, and I love this black and white 75th anniversary version. It’s simple, bold and stylish, just like Batman himself.

Who’s your favorite superhero? Which gift watch are you getting for the superhero fans on your list?

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