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10 Dish Towels to Make Friends Laugh in the Kitchen

My aunt collects dish towels, so I’m always on the lookout for funny dish towels for gifts. The checkered or striped dish towels are classic, but when you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it’s fun to have something to smile at. One of my favorite dish towels was a gift from a family member in Wales. It’s filled with quotes about stories, from C.S. Lewis (“Some day you’ll be old enough to start reading fairytales again”), Plato (“Those who tell stories rule society”), G.K. Chesterton (“Fairytales are more than true: Not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten”) and many more. I love it. And glimpsing the quotes while I dry dishes makes dish washing so much more fun.

So, I went looking for other dish towels that will keep us all smiling in the kitchen. Here are 10 of my favorites.

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Cooking is fabulous funny dish towel for giftsMY COOKING IS FABULOUS

For the cooker who loves to have fun in the kitchen, this funny dish towel is perfect. Created by Honey Dew Gifts, the 27-inch square towel is made of cotton, machine and dryer friendly and has a corner loop for easy hanging.

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Dog will get it funny dish towel for gifts


In our house, this is so true. Our dogs will hoover up anything that’s dropped on the floor, except apples and carrots, which are actually good for them. Sigh. This is another design from Blue Q and I love it.


Whole Bottle funny dish towel for giftsWHOLE BOTTLE

I think this is a great excuse for another glass of wine. 😉 This 28-inch square dish towel from Primitves by Kathy is made of cotton and sure to make your wine-loving friends say, “Let’s find out!” Just make sure they invite you for a glass too.

Alexa do the dishes funny dish towel


Oh wouldn’t it be nice if Amazon could program Alexa to actually do the dishes? Wishful thinking, but this dish towel is still a lot of fun. The  16 inches by 24 inches towel is microfiber, making it lightweight, absorbent and easy to wash and dry. And the best part is, the letters on the bright white waffle weave are hand printed with ink, not vinyl stick-ons, so you’ll be able to wish for Alexa to do the dishes for a long time.

Out of my kitchen funny dish towel for gifts


Doesn’t every cook want to say this sometimes? What I love about this dish towel, and all of the Blue Q designs, is that it’s deceptively classic but has a lot of sass. You sassy cook will love it.


Dishes don't be sad funny dish towels for giftsDISHES DON’T BE SAD

Ha! Ha! This dish towel is more on the irreverent side and so funny. This Honey Dew Gifts cotton towel is 27 inches square and washer and dryer friendly for easy care. It has a corner loop for easy hanging too. With this in their kitchen, your friends and family will want to wash dishes just for the laugh.

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More than coffee funny dish towel for giftsMORE THAN COFFEE

This dish towel knows its priorities! Another funny design from Primitives by Kathy, the cotton towel measure 28 inches square and has a loop in the corner for easy hanging.

Safe word is takeout funny dish towelSAFE WORD IS TAKEOUT

Ha! Some days “takeout” is my only word to describe dinner. This is another lovely and hilarious Blue Q dish towel. You can see why I like their stuff.

Wine o'clock funny dish towel for giftsWINE O’CLOCK

Some days, it seems like every hour is wine o’clock. Your wine-loving friends will agree and love this dish towel. The cotton towel, also from Primitives by Kathy, has a festive design that will bring about smiles even when it’s a wine o’clock day.

Good friend dish towel for giftsGOOD FRIENDS

Another wonderful design from Primitives by Kathy, this dish towel is less hilarious but much more sweet. And once you give this cotton towel to your loved one, they’ll know that you’ll always be there.

What’s your favorite funny dish towel for gifts? Let us know in the comments.

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