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10 Fun T-Shirts Plant Lovers Will Want For Gardening Season

Spring is on its way! Now that the weather is getting warmer, I made plans today with my husband for some gardening projects I’ve been wanting to do for a while. That made me realize I needed to get some new gardening gloves, but it also got me thinking about fun shirts for plant lovers that I could wear. After all, when we’re having fun gardening, we can show it with our clothing, right?

I’m a big believer that the right T-shirt can make a person’s day. What’s better to wear while gardening than a shirt that announces our love of everything green?

Put these T-shirts on your gift-buying list for the birthdays of your gardener friends.

Never Too Old To Play In the Dirt T-shirts for plant loversNEVER TOO OLD TO PLAY IN THE DIRT T-SHIRT

It’s true, you’re never too old to play in the dirt, especially when you’re growing wonderful plants. This shirt is silk printed in Michigan and, according to reviews, really soft. It only comes in purple, but I think it looks great in this color. It’s a perfect comfy shirt for plant lovers to wear in the garden.

I'll Be In My Office T shirts for plant loversI’LL BE IN MY OFFICE T-SHIRT

A bunch of different gardening T-shirts have designs with “I’ll be in my office” but this one is my favorite. It’s simple and super cute. I’d swap a fax machine for a wheel barrow any day.

House Filled With Plants T-shirts for plant lovers


This is such a cute design, and the message is so true. Who can’t be happy when they’ve got beautiful greenery growing up around them? Your gardener friends and family will think this shirt is made for them. You can buy it in 16 more colors, and this time even the white shirt works! Plus, it’s available in lot of different styles. Get one for all your plant-loving friends.

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All I Need Is This Plant T shirts for plant lovers


Any plant lover knows, there are never enough plants. Every time I walk through the gardening section of Home Depot, I have to avert my eyes or I might buy up every plant they have. So many plants, so little time. This shirt comes in 17 lovely colors, although I’d ignore the white since the words pretty much disappear.

Sometimes I Wet My Plants T-shirt


This shirt makes my giggle. Just like the “Office” shirt above, there are lots of “Sometimes I wet my plants” designs, but this is the one I like the best. You can buy it in seven colors. Plus you can get the design on different styles of shirts, like baseball shirts, fitted V-neck and relaxed fit, among others. Of course, make sure your plant-loving friends know they need to water their plants more often than sometimes!

Introverted But Willing To Discuss Plants T-shirt


I think most gardeners can relate to this T-shirt. They’re often happiest talking to their plants. This T-shirt will come in handy when they’re gardening. It’ll announce that your friends will only stop pruning to talk plants. Good plan. The shirt comes in lots of styles and 17 colors, but again, ignore the white since the letters disappear.

The Gardenfather T shirts for plant loversTHE GARDENFATHER T-SHIRT

It’s true that when gardeners think they’re done, the garden keeps pulling them back in. This shirt reminds us the garden is always boss. Is your dad a plant lover? This tee will especially ring true for him. It comes in five colors, including black, blue and asphalt, but I’m partial to the green.

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Eat Sleep Garden Repeat T-shirts for plant lovers


Yep, for gardeners, this is about right. There’s always another weed to pull, another bush to prune, another flower to plant. And even if there isn’t, we wish there was. This scoop version of the shirt also comes in white, heather gray and coal, but the white letters don’t work on the white tee. You can also get the T-shirt in a variety of other styles, many of which have more color options.

Propagation Station T-shirt


Old wine bottles can be used for a lot of things, but a propagation station is a new one on me. I don’t know if this would really work, but I love the idea. And I love this shirt. It gives me that idea that plants can grow anywhere, which is wonderful. The T-shirt is available in 16 other colors and lots of styles to please all your plant-loving friends.

Easily Distracted By Plants T-shirtEASILY DISTRACTED BY PLANTS T-SHIRT

Show me a gardener, and I’ll show you a person easily distracted by plants. And they’d be proud of it, proud enough to wear this T-shirt. It comes in 10 colors, including this lovely brown and two shades of green. Plus you can buy it in a variety of sizes, making them perfect shirts for plant lovers on your list.

Do you have gardeners in your life? Put these tees on your gift shopping list for them.

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