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10+ Cocktail Gifts For The Best Happy Hour Ever

It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, right? Doesn’t that mean any hour can be happy hour? I’ve always been more of a wine person, but there’s something so fun about having a colorful cocktail. Somehow it feels more special, like splurging and treating myself. So for all the cocktail lovers on your list, or the people you want to spend a happy hour with, here are 10-plus cocktail gifts for the best happy hour ever.

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Rocket shaker cocktail giftsROCKET SHAKER

Shake up cocktails in style with this sleek rocket cocktail shaker. The rocket has a built in strainer and is perfect for making martinis, daiquiris, margaritas and more. It holds 24 ounces, for a good happy hour round of drinks. And bonus, the retro style will look great on a bar. If your giftee is more of an animal lover than a space lover, get them the penguin cocktail shaker.

Homemade gin kit cocktail giftsGIN KIT

For the serious gin drinker, this Homemade Gin Kit claims to help them “make ridiculously delicious gin at home.” What more could you want in a cocktail gift? The kit includes two 375ml glass bottles, a fine stainless steel strainer and a stainless steel funnel, plus a tin of juniper berries and the kit maker’s secret botanical blend. Everything you need to make 750ml of ridiculously delicious homemade gin. You can also get smokey blend and spiced blend flavors separately.

Cool Shooters cocktail giftsCOOL SHOOTERS

To really kick happy hour up a notch, serve frozen shot glasses! The Cool Shooters mold allows shot drinkers to freeze 4 shot glasses. Just fill up the BPA-free silicone shot glass with water, pop them in the freezer, then pop them out of the mold for a chilled drink. If your giftee really wanted to get creative, they could even freeze Jello or chocolate for extra special shot glasses. Fun, easy and special.

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Chemistry shot glassesCHEMISTRY SHOT GLASSES

This chemistry shot glass set would’ve made the perfect for Jessie to get Walter White in Breaking Bad. You can get it for any of your friends who love chemistry, the show or just a good laugh. The set comes with 4 shot glasses: 2 shaped like beakers, 1 as a conical erlenmeyer flask and 1 like a round florence flask. They’re made of glass and each hold around 1 ounce of your favorite drink. Hand washing is recommended, but with shot glasses this cute, your giftee will want to go the extra step to take care of them.

Roulette wheel shot glassesROULETTE SHOT GLASSES

Now this is a drinking game! Fill up the shot glasses, spin the wheel and get to the drinking. The game has the wheel, balls, and 16 shot glasses with corresponding colors and numbers.

Shooters darts game cocktail giftsSHOT GLASS DARTS

Another way to liven up happy hour is with this Shot Glass Darts game. The game includes a metal stand, rules, 4 darts and 4 shot glasses. The darts are magnetic, so don’t worry, no one will get stuck if the throwing goes wide. Personally, I think this would look great hanging behind a bar too.

Cocktail Garden KitCOCKTAIL GARDEN

The best cocktails are infused with fruits and herbs, and with the Cocktail Garden, your giftee can grow their own. The Cocktail Garden has everything that’s needed, including 6 biodegradeable peat pots, 6 peat discs, 6 plant markers and 6 foil-sealed seed sachets. The kit also comes with sowing and growing tips, plus cocktail recipes. Your cocktail loving friends will have fresh cucamelon, or blue borage or lime basil or more to spice up their happy hour.

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Ultimate Bar Book cocktail gifts


Your friends and family might already know how to make a Bloody Mary or Gin & Tonic, but how about a Tasmanian Twister or Citron Sparkler? The Ultimate Bar Book will help them get creative in their happy hour cocktails. As well as cocktail recipes, the book includes tips on mixing, tools, hangover remedies and more.

Drunken Botanist book


For cocktail lovers who want to know the history of their favorite beverages, get them a copy of Amy Stewart’s The Drunken Botanist. The New York Times wrote, “Amy Stewart has a way of making gardening seem exciting, even a little dangerous.” Fun! While your giftee is sipping their run, they can read about how it started with sugarcane, Scotch came from barley, bourbon from corn and more. They’ll be ready to impress everyone with their cocktail knowledge at the next happy hour.

Saloon Box


To add more variety to happy hour, get your cocktail-loving friends and family a subscription to SaloonBox. The box comes with everything you need to make a different special cocktail each month, including instructions on how to mix them up perfectly. Or try the American Cocktail Club or Shaker & Spoon.

Who’s ready for happy hour? Let us know your favorite drink in the comments.

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