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10 Awesome Star Wars Gifts For Every Budget

Star Wars was one of the first movies that completely blew me away. I wanted to live in that world, even if just for a few minutes. Of course, I’m not alone in that, which is why the franchise is still so huge today. Unlike when I was a kid, nowadays you can be a part of that world, and here are 10 fun gifts that help. Bonus, there’s something for every budget on this list, from stocking stuffers to more expensive items.


This IS the droid you’re looking for! A couple years ago, my husband won a mini BB8 at his company white elephant, and it is fantastic. But as much as we both love the droid from the new movies, R2-D2 is the droid of our generation. That’s why I love this little R2-D2 that roams around your house controlled by an app on your phone. It has R2’s signature three- and two-leg stances, as well as the way the droid waddles when its upset. This little model beeps and squeaks just like the R2 that pushed squarely into the heart of every Star Wars fan, as well as the droid’s flashing lights. It can even display holograms, and perhaps the best part is, you can watch Star Wars movies with your R2, and it’ll react along with you. Love! Click over to Amazon and check out the cool promotional video for this little droid. So cute.


I wrote about an awesome Death Star night light in my list of 7 Must-Have Night Lights for Romantics, Star Wars Fans and More, but this light has more to offer. With this light, you’re not relegated to the Dark Side. Sure, you can light up the Death Star or Darth Vader, but if you’re feeling lighter, pop in the Millennium Falcon to show your rebel pride. The lamp works by inserting the clear shape into the base. A touch of the button on the remote lights it up so it appears 3D floating in the dark. The lamp has seven colors, plus different lighting modes, so your loved ones could have a different color of the Millennium Falcon every night of the week.

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The science nerd in me loves these posters. Imagine a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away an inventor hunched over a desk drawing up designs for TIE Fighters and AT AT Walkers so he can get his patents. I’m not sure that’s the way it works in the time of the Jedi and the Emperor, but these sepia-toned posters give us a hint of a deeper Star Wars world. Note, these 8×10 posters do not come framed, but that means you can make them your own.


When Luke Skywalker is in his X-Wing Fighter barreling down on the Death Star, there’s not one person watching who wouldn’t like to be him. With this battle helmet, you can get close, without the danger of being blown up by Darth Vader. Three speakers inside the helmet and LED displays inside the visor allow the wearer to really feel like they’re in Luke Skywalker’s shoes. They can even flip a switch to get sounds and displays as though they’re piloting an X-Wing in the Battle of Yavin or riding a snowspeeder in the Battle of Hoth. So awesome!


I had mixed feelings about including the Yoda Chia Pet in this list, because seeing my beloved Yoda with a bunch of fuzzy green moss on his head does make me cringe. But, the cha cha cha Chia Pet is so classic, and Yoda so deserves to have one. If you’ve got a Chia Pet lover on your list who’s also a fan of Star Wars, get them one of these. They’ll love watching their Yoda grow.


Even Storm Troopers don’t like to lose their luggage when they travel. If you’ve got a traveler to buy a gift for, help them show their Star Wars love with this luggage tag. Airlines won’t want to mess with these bags for fear of getting on the wrong side of the Empire.

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Every Star Wars fan who lives in New York, Seattle, London and any other place where it rains a lot should have one of these. Imagine you’re walking along in a rainstorm and a Storm Trooper stops you. You’ll be prepared with your lightsabre umbrella! Okay, this isn’t really a fighting lightsabre, and even if it were, it would be difficult to battle with an umbrella on the end of your weapon. Still, walking through the rain will be a lot more fun with this over your head.


On the lower side of the budget is this rebel wallet. I actually love how stylish this wallet is. Sure, it shows support for the rebellion, but the brown and black design is also very smart. The wallet is made of leather with two snap enclosures. Unfolded, the wallet has a spot for a driver’s license, plus three credit card pockets and a full-length cash slot.


For a wallet with a change pocket, this zippered one is adorable. The outside is adorned with the characters from the classic Star Wars movies as babies! Baby Han Solo, Baby Chewbacca, Baby Princess Leia, even a baby ewok. The outer zipper opens to reveal eight card slips and two large bill slips. It’s made of faux leather and measures about 8.25 inches by 4 inches by 1 inch thick.


R2-D2 isn’t only useful when you’re trying to escape a garbage crusher. This cute little R2-D2 plugs into a wall, and you can plug a USB into its belly to charge a phone, tablet or other device. R2 has two USB outlets and even lights up while it’s charging!

Got a Star Wars fan on your list? What are you giving them?

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